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Nesting Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 5 and Mark 6 Nesting Trolleys

Mark 6 Nesting Trolley
Tray 1025 x 575 x 180mm.
Top box 480 x 330 x150mm.


Mark 5 Nesting Trolley
Tray 965 x 530 x150mm.
Top box 480 x 330 x 150mm

Customer Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 4

Mesh1220 x 635 x 150mm.

Options: Pneumatic wheels.

Deep Sided Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 2 Deep Sided or Mark 4 Deep Sided Trolleys.

Mark 2 Deep Sided: 865 x 710 x 250mm.

Mark 4 Deep Sided: 1220 x 635 x 250mm

Marina option: Short Rear Legs.

Pneumatic Wheels.

Flat Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 2 and Mark 4 Flat Trolleys

Mark 2 Flat Trolley: 865 x 710mm

Mark 4 Flat Trolley: 1220x635mm.


Option: Pneumatic Wheels..

Solid Wheel Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 1 and Mark 2

Mark 1 solid wheels: 865x505x150mm

Mark 2 solid wheels: 865x710x150mm


Marina option of Mark 2: Short Rear Legs. Pneumatic wheels.

Polyethylene Tray Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 3 And Mark 7

Mark 3: 975 x 530 x150mm.

Mark 7: 1025 x 575 x180mm


Options:  Trays: durable Polyethylene.

Pneumatic wheels.

Available in Gold or Green

Economy Trolleys

Trolley Type: Mark 12 Trolley


1010 x 500 x 145mm

Solid Wheels Only

Single Wheel Trolleys

Trolley Type: Single Wheel Trolley with lip

Base 1220 x 635 with 175mm lip
6 ply x 410 pneumatic wheel


OptionsLong single wheel with lip
Base 1500 x 635 with 175mm lip
6 ply x 410mm pneumatic wheel

Double Wheel Trolleys

Trolley Type: Double Wheel Trolley with optional removable shelf

Base 1200 x 635 x 150mm deep
6ply x 410mm pneumatic wheels


OptionsBasket Base
1200 x 635 x 150mm deep

Long Version:
1500 x 635 x 150mm deep

Shelf to fit standard and double wheel trolleys.

Balemate Trolley

Trolley Type: Balemate Trolley

Base 1670x760mm
6plyx410mm pneumatic wheel


Options: Shelf or florist shelf

Basket Balemate Trolley

Trolley Type: Balemate Trolley

Base 1670 x 760mm x 150mm deep
6plyx410mm pneumatic wheel

Warehouse Flatbed Trolley

Trolley Type: Warehouse Flatbed


Base 1250x685mm Castors 200m

3-tier Plant Transporter

Trolley Type: 3-tier Plant Transporter

1600 x 585 x 915mm
Two removable shelves and parking jacks
4ply x 250mm pneumatic wheels.
125m swivel castors


Options: Plywood Shelf

4-tier Plant Transporter

Trolley Type: 4-tier Plant Transporter

1600 x 585 x 915mm.
4 x 125mm Castors.
Two removable shelves


Options: 4 ply 250mm pneumatic wheels and two castors 125mm with parking jacks.

Shed/Panel Trolley

Trolley Type: Shed/Panel Trolley

Base 1450 x 950mm
Polyethylene boxes
Castors 2 x 200mm fixed,
4 x 200mm swivel.


Trolley Type: Trailers manufactured to individual specification

Multi tier, single tier, flatbeds, sides, plywood or mesh base. Single or double steer, hand or tractor towed, pin or ball hitches

Fence/Panel Trolley

Trolley Type: Fence/Panel Trolley

Base 1350 x 700 x 1600 mm
2 x 125 mm swivel castors
2 x 125 mm fixed castors


Options: Castor Brake

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