Anne and Roger Llewellyn, because of their age, entered into a 'Joint Venture Agreement' with Robert Johnson of the Richard Alan Group in April 2011. Unfortunately this was not a success and therefore Ace Equipment has returned to the Staffordshire works and is once again solely with the Llewellyn family.

Roger officially retired in April of this year and Anne was hoping to have a less hectic life with more time to compete her horses. For this reason, Claire their daughter (who has previously been involved with Ace) will be taking on more responsibility in the New Year. The dedicated team of experienced workers, who have been with the family for years, will continue to provide trolleys to the usual high quality and with the personnel service which is expected of Ace Equipment.

Your custom, past and future, in much appreciated and the staff of Ace Equipment look forward to rekindling old and establishing new relationships as Ace Equipment moves forward into a new era.

The mission statement 'Quality is our theme, Service our business, and to Please our aim' continues.